Supervisory Digital Imaging Specialist

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Created: January 16, 2014


The Supervisory Digital Imaging Specialist has the responsibility for planning, coordinating and directing the production work of the Imaging Lab, including microfilm digitization, photographic copying, duplicating, post processing, and printing using photographic processes, equipment and techniques, primarily digital but in some cases analog and chemical-based.
This position supervises a staff of digital imaging, and quality assurance professionals at the technician, through journeyman and senior levels;  plan work schedules and set priorities for the section, assign lab duties as needed, review work and oversee quality control/quality assurance, maintain and update lab operating procedures, ensure equipment maintenance and/or repair is performed, and ensure training is provided to staff on existing and new services, techniques, and equipment.

The incumbent will combine knowledge of the principles, concepts, and methodologies of reformatting archival image and artifact records of all types for preservation and access, with leadership and management skills to guide staff in applying imaging technologies to fulfilling the mission of the National Archives.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Supervises staff with digital imaging, and quality assurance expertise from technician, through journeyman and senior levels.

Assigns lab duties, plans work schedules, and sets priorities for the Imaging Lab.

Plans, coordinates and directs the production work of the Imaging Lab, for the reformatting of all types of image and artifact records in the National Archives holdings.

Coordinates with the staff to implement the use of imaging technology for appropriate services offered by the Imaging Lab, and provides training on a routine and as-needed basis.

Responsible for personnel actions such as setting performance standards, performance appraisals, recommends promotions, awards and reassignments, hears and resolves complaints and grievances, and effects disciplinary actions.

Responsible for quality control/quality assurance on all products produced and for all services performed by the lab.

Maintains and updates lab operating procedures.

Ensures equipment maintenance and/or repair is performed as needed.

Identifies and evaluates criteria for the specification of contract services, products, or equipment, and writes contractual specifications.
Follows and participates in imaging standards and guidelines efforts within NARA, nationally, and internationally. Writes policies, guidelines, technical papers, and procurement documents.

Contributes to branch success and advancement by participating in leadership team meetings, discussions, goal setting, and analysis.


Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014 03:00 UTC

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