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Created: August 16, 2011


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I'm posting this job opening for a colleague -- please follow up with Suzanne Chapman

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On 8/16/11 10:06 AM, "Chapman, Suzanne"

>User Experience Web Developer ­ University of Michigan Library > >The University of Michigan Library is seeking a talented front-end >developer to join our User Experience (UX) Department. The UX department >focuses on interface design, mobile design and development, usability >testing, user research, web use statistics, and accessibility. We are >looking for someone with an investment in improving library users' web >experience. The primary focus of this position will be development of a >variety of mobile websites. > >The UX Department is part of the Library Information Technology Division >(LIT) at the University of Michigan, University Library. LIT is the >library's key organization for the creation, deployment and support of the >library's primary web interfaces (Library Website, Mirlyn Library Catalog, >Digital Library Collections, and HathiTrust Digital Library). LIT systems >are built using a variety of programming languages and platforms (e.g., >Perl, PHP, CGI, XSLT, Drupal, etc.). > >Responsibilities: > >- Develops user interfaces (with a focus on mobile). Conducts a full range >of programming tasks including program design, program coding, debugging >and documentation. >- Conducts ongoing research into the development of new interface >capabilities, enhancements, and design trends. >- Communicates with UX Department colleagues to help set requirements and >communicates with other LIT developers about best practices. >- Other duties as assigned. > >For more information, see the full job advertisement: > > >Questions about the position may be directed to Suzanne Chapman, >Head of the User Experience Department, at > >------------------------------ >Suzanne Chapman >Head, User Experience Department >Mlibrary | University of Michigan > > >@MLibraryUX


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