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Hartford, Connecticut
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Created: September 23, 2013


The Connecticut Mirror/Connecticut News Project, Inc. | Hartford, CT |

The Connecticut Mirror seeks a Data Editor/Computer-Assisted Reporting Specialist to help lead our data journalism projects and collaborate with our award-winning editors and reporters on complex investigative and watchdog stories.
The successful candidate must have experience in data acquisition and analysis and be a self-starter to lead the Mirror’s team in deep data dives and interactive projects. We are looking for a specialist who will explore new and innovative ways to explain complex public policy through data and social media. The successful candidate must raise the bar for statistical and data literacy and will be encouraged to take chances through new means of storytelling. The Mirror continues to raise the standard in the state by exploring the relationship between public policy, diverse communities and digital trends that help shape Connecticut.
The position is based in Hartford, Connecticut. We offer competitive compensation and benefits package.


• At least three-five years experience working with data, web development and/or the development of large-scale, interactive journalism projects.
• Understanding of the social web, both as distribution channel and reporting resource.
• Extensive knowledge in Microsoft Excel and Structured Query Language (SQL) and working knowledge of Google Fusion Tables and Tableau.
• Extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS, Python and Ruby on Rails.
• A demonstrated willingness to challenge powerful individuals and institutions.
• A desire and ability to change the way people view government and policy.
• A proven ability to be part of a team.


In 2009, a small group of Connecticut residents, concerned about the decline in watchdog journalism, formed the Connecticut News Project, Inc.

A few months later, after securing start-up funding and hiring some veteran journalists, CNP launched The Connecticut Mirror, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news website with a very clear mission: Through deep reporting on government policies and politics, to become an invaluable resource for anyone who lives, works or cares about Connecticut, and to hold our policymakers accountable for their decisions and actions.

The Mirror’s small staff consists of award-winning editors and reporters with decades of experience in Connecticut newsrooms or working for other national or state news operations. We are the only state news organization with a full-time reporter in Washington, D.C. More than 5,000 stories later, we continue our fourth year with a still powerful sense of our mission.

The Mirror has produced more than 5,000 original stories, many of which have been re-published in 25 Connecticut daily newspapers and their websites and other media outlets. In addition, our veteran staff continues to be a guiding voice in shaping public policy. The Mirror’s coverage has earned it unparalleled nonpartisan reporting credentials while claiming more than a dozen state and national awards since the beginning of 2012.


CNP is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.

Please send your resume, at least four references, examples of your most ambitious work and a one-page philosophy on how data will continue to play a role in journalism’s future to CEO/Publisher Brett Orzechowski at by October 1. Finalist interviews will begin shortly thereafter. No phone calls please.

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Published: Monday, September 23, 2013 22:23 UTC

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